How to catch Catfish fast, first of all, we need to understand the skills and habits of catfish fishing, then what are the skills and habits of catfish fishing?

1. Catfish habits

Catfish have weak eyesight. They hunt by smell and tentacles. They do not have high requirements for water quality. They can survive even in dirty water. They are tricky and sensitive. If they are caught by fishing nets nearby, they will stay in the mud for a long time. Time, about 3~5 days, it is difficult to catch catfish.


2. Time to choose catfish fishing

The hotter the catfish, the greater the food intake. Active foraging in spring; after winter, lurking in deep water, mud, or caves for the winter, staying still. Under normal temperature, catfish can be fished day and night, preferably night fishing.


3. Location selection for catfish fishing

Catfish are distributed in a wide range, mainly living in the middle and lower layers of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and ponds. They often live in coastal areas. They hide in the grass, rocks, or deep water during the day, and frequently forage at night.

In spring, the weather turns warmer, fishing in the sunny shallows; summer is hot, go to the shade of the river to fish; after autumn, the weather turns cold, catfish usually inhabit deep water, deep underwater rods can generally catch catfish. The sluice dam and the next backwater bay are full of muddy water and catfish generally feed here.

Places not suitable for fishing: The water is calm, the bottom of the river is covered with fine sand, and there are many pebbles, which are not suitable for hiding places for catfish; places where the current is turbulent.

stainless steel circle hooks

4. Choice of Catfish Fishing Gear

The rod for catfish fishing must be strong and the tip of the rod must be hard. For thick line hooks, long shank hooks should be selected as fish hooks to avoid the catfish’s sharp teeth from grinding the line.



5. Selection of bait for catfish fishing

Catfish is a carnivorous fish. It eats a lot. Small fish are the main food. Small carps and loach also eat small shrimps and aquatic insects. They mainly eat. Living earthworms are the best bait for catfish fishing. Pork liver, lamb liver, chicken, duck intestines, beef, and mutton, etc., can also be cut into loach-sized strips. Mole crickets, grasshoppers, crocodile insects, tree insects, grass insects, mantises and moths, these insects need to be active as bait.


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