When you go fishing, you are fully prepared, and the number of fish hooks is usually determined according to the size of the fish in the fishing object. We need to fully determine the size of the hook used in the hook according to the environment where the fish belonged at that time.

1. The size of the hook

Even if you simply catch tilapia in some fish ponds, we can also analyze various types of hooks according to different situations. For example, when fishing in winter when the temperature is low, because the temperature is low and the water temperature is low, the fish usually have smaller openings, so in order to have a better harvest, we try not to use big hooks.

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If you are fishing for wild carp, you should also consider its shock resistance and resistance to fluid pressure. The principle of using hooks is that the target fish is more docile, and the number of hooks can be smaller. If the target fish is a predatory fish, the hook should be enlarged. At fishing spots where fish is mixed, you should add hooks specifically for big fish.

circle hooks for carp

2. Hook shape selection

The choice of hook type is also very important for anglers. And if used on a hand pole. It is difficult to go deep into the mouth of the fish. It is not suitable for carp hooks from the angle of the hand rod, because the carp hooks are too sharp. Therefore, in many cases, the hook tip only hooks the edge of the mouth of the fish, and it is extremely easy for the fish to escape when it struggles to swing its body.
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And if you want to use poles, I think long shank hooks is more appropriate. This kind of hook is straight, pointed and slightly inclined inward. When the fish bites the hook, it can hook the inside of the fish’s mouth within a reasonable depth and range. This is simply an artifact for dealing with round-mouthed fish.
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Look at perch hooks from the morphological point of view. The hook tip is short and the inversion angle is close to 30 degrees, which is more suitable for fishing. In the words of the fisherman: as long as you catch it, you won’t run. whiting hooks are suitable for narrow mouth shapes of predatory fish.

sturgeon hooks

For trout fishing, the color of trout hooks is also an independent aspect. Usually, the upper red hook is used with red bait, the yellow hook is used with yellow bait, the pure white hook is usually used for shiny bait, and the upper hook is a general type.


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