Fake bait is also called simulated bait or artificial bait. It is made of plastic, metal, or other materials that resemble small fish, shrimp, and insects. Can fake bait be used for fishing? Of course, when fishing with fake bait, the operation of the angler, like natural living creatures, can lure those ferocious fish into […]

How to master the skills of bass fishing Perch is a relatively common fish species, which can not only survive in freshwater but also be active in the sea. Perch has a certain predatory nature and belongs to anadromous fish. Its foraging and habitat environment will change with the change of seasons. This article summarizes […]

How to master the skills of bass fishing Perch is one of the fish species that most anglers like to catch. The weight of perch is generally about 2000 grams, so the following introduces how to master the techniques of bass fishing. 1、 Seasonal activities of Sea bass The sea area is divided into white […]

Soft bait fishing here to explain that it is actually lure fishing. Because it is convenient, fast, environmentally friendly, and exciting, it is very popular among fishing friends. But because its target fish are all predatory carnivorous fishes, problems like soft bait fishing have to be explored slowly for new fishermen. Let me explain a […]

Because the fish hook is not maintained after use, it will rust and become blunt after a long time. At this time, even if the bait on the hook is eaten by the fish, it is difficult to catch the fish. Always pay attention to the maintenance of the fishing hook to keep it clean, […]

The fishing hook is composed of six parts: handle, hook handle, hook bend, hook tip, and hook bottom. Each part has its specific function.      fishing hook crown refers to the uppermost part of the hook handle, which has various shapes such as straight flat head, side flat head, round head, etc. Its function […]

You can make your own fishing hooks, but they are more troublesome and the quality cannot be guaranteed, so it is best to buy them at a fishing tackle shop. The following are several common fishing hooks. 1. perch hooks are characterized by long, thin and narrow ditch gates, so fish are easy to swallow, […]

When buying fishing hooks, you should prepare multiple types of hooks. You must buy long shank hooks and short shank hooks, and then tie the fishing lines separately for easy replacement at any time. You should choose fish hooks carefully according to your needs. Be sure to buy from a regular manufacturer, the big Fishing […]

        1. Maintenance of fishing hook Every time a fish hook is used up, the debris on the hook and in the barb ditch must be promptly removed, dried with a dry cloth in time, put in a box or coated with grease, and wrapped with tin foil to prevent rust. Do […]

1. The hook tip should be sharp There are two ways to judge its sharpness: one is to lay a piece of cotton cloth on the table, put a hook on the cloth, and then lift the cloth. If the hook falls from the cotton cloth, it is not a sharp hook; the other is […]