During the fishing process of many anglers, the fish got off the hook. There are many factors for this happening, and the most important factor is improper selection of fish hooks. In fact, the size of the fish hook will have a certain impact on the running fish, but few people pay attention to this. It is believed that the fishing method is correct, with a palatable bait, there must be a harvest. Here we will talk about the impact of the hook status on running fish, hoping to help everyone.

Fishing double hook frog bait high carbon steel freshwater hook small fly tied fishing hook

How much impact does improper use of hooks have on running fish?
The most typical is the improper use of hooks. Fishing hook manufacturer considers the design and manufacture according to the type of fish, the mouth shape of different sizes of the same fish, and the way of feeding. Most fishermen think that big hooks catch big fish and small hooks catch small fish. They never consider the length of the hook. Sometimes it does have little effect on fishing, but most of the time it will make the hook function fail.

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