People who often fish in the wild should be familiar with Catfish, especially night fishing. They often encounter catfish. They have no scales, a very large mouth, and four beards. They like to eat meat such as earthworms, bugs, and small fish. Catfish is especially true. Liver and other foods are interesting. Catfish belong to the bottom fish species and do not like to see the light. Therefore, they usually hide in underwater weeds or caves during the day and come out for food at night. They are large-sized fish. The best time to catch catfish should be summer and autumn, especially when the water is rising, but in winter, if you master the skills, you can also catch catfish. Let me tell you about the techniques of winter catfish fishing.


1、 How to choose a fishing position for catfish fishing in winter

The living habits of catfish and carp are different. Catfish generally like places with complex underwater structures, such as dam outlets, under stone-stacked barrages, or overgrown with weeds. They are all places where catfish like to hide because of these places. The terrain is complex and there are many obstructions. The food is easily intercepted after being washed up. After a long time, it will become a good place for fish to eat. When catching catfish in winter, because catfish are also afraid of the cold, they also gather together to keep warm during the winter. Therefore, when we catch catfish in winter, we usually look for a barrage with a water depth of about two meters, or it is better to fish at a pile of rocks. It is under a cliff with stone cracks and mud holes, but you must pay attention to safety when fishing in such a fishing spot environment, and be careful of mountain sliding or falling rocks.

Fishing position

2、winter catfish fishing bait selection

We all know that catfish are carnivores, and the heavier the taste, the more exciting it is. Therefore, we can use thick earthworms when fishing for catfish in winter, or directly hang chicken liver, chicken intestines, duck intestines, and other heavy-tasting foods as bait. Here is a key point to talk about the method of hanging bait. If you use earthworms, then use the hook tip to penetrate from the head of the earthworm, and repeatedly pass the hook to fill the earthworm. Pay attention to setting aside a part for the earthworm to swing in the water to attract the attention of catfish, chicken liver, Intestine bait can also be pierced in this way, as long as the fish hook is wrapped in it and it does not leak out.


3、 winter catfish fishing gear selection

Although the catfish is large in size, the catfish activity in winter is not very high, so we don’t have to deliberately seek the size of the fishing line. A line of about 1.0 is fine. You should choose a larger fish hook. Try to choose catfish hooks with a wide hook shape and sharp tips. Because catfish are large in size and eat fiercely, small hooks are easily swallowed in the stomach, causing the problem of not being able to take the hook.


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