1. Bait

For Sea bass fishing, artificial bait can be used, or live bait can be used directly. The live bait can be small white fish and large live shrimp. It is best to use small white fish. It can not only be hung firmly to the fish hook, but it is also very easy to be spotted by the bass. The artificial bait can choose the artificial bait with anchor-shaped hooks on the chest and tail. The fishing effect of the artificial bait is not worse than that of the live bait. It does not need to change the bait frequently, so using the artificial bait can more easily lure the bass into the bait.

Striped bass

2. Fishing tackle

When fishing sea bass, it is best to use a sea rod, and at the same time with a spinning reel, you also need to choose a fishing line with a diameter of 0.4 mm. long shank hooks are best for fishing hooks. The lead weight needs to be 15 to 20 grams and 50 to 60 grams of lead weight according to the fishing method used.

Fake bait

3. Fishing method

First, you need to throw the bait to a position of about 20 meters, which usually gathers a large number of bass. In the process of fishing, as long as the water depth is about 1 meter. If there is a fish biting bait, you must quickly raise the rod. If there is no signal to catch the fish, you can use bait hooks to lure the fish. The fish are more interested in living creatures.

Striped bass

The most important thing for sea bass fishing is to master the basic method of using bait, coupled with your own fishing habits, choose artificial bait or live bait, so that the bass is easy to bait, and also in line with the characteristics of the bass.


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