1. Formula for corn fishing carp

Corn is a very important type of grain, and it is also a very representative type of fishing bait. It can also be used when fishing carp. Using corn to fish carp, you can directly cook the corn kernels, and mix in the right amount of high-quality liquor and the right amount of honey during the cooking process. The effect is very good.


  1. Corn fishing method for carp

As mentioned above, using corn to fish for carp can be used directly after cooking. You can fish for carp according to the following methods:


  1. Use corn to fish for carp, pay attention to finding a place where carp is easy to gather, such a place is suitable as a fishing spot. Since carp is more interested in vegetarian food, it is possible to find locations in the waters where plants are richer, and there are more carps in such places.


  1. When fishing with corn, if you use corn kernels, you need to hang them on carp hooks. You can hang a few more at one time so that the effect of attracting carp is better. If you use a mixed grain powder bait such as corn flour, you can make it into clumps and hang it on a fish hook.


  1. The position of the throwing rod can be near the fishing point so that the carp is more easily attracted by the bait. The rod lift needs to be determined according to the signal of the fishing float. However, if the carp are lifted at first, it may struggle because of its strength.


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