carp is an omnivorous fish, almost not picky eaters, they can be seen in most waters of our country. Therefore, carp is also one of the target fish that anglers often catch. However, when fishing for carp in waters like dams, due to the cautious nature of large carp, it is not particularly good for fishing.

1. Near the outlet of the dam

There will be large tracts of shallows near the river channel in the dam. The shallows will have more lush aquatic plants. Moreover, there is living water flowing below this water plant area, which can also intercept the food washed down by the upstream. Therefore, medium-sized carps will gather in this aquatic area for food. So at this time, we are fishing here, there will be a good catch. But the premise is that the bait we use must meet the carp’s appetite, otherwise no matter how suitable the fishing point is, it will have no effect.


2. The natural island in the dam

There will be high ground in the middle area of the dam, and the low-lying high ground will be submerged by water when the water level rises, and the high-ground high ground will be left behind. At this time, an island will be formed in the dam. In autumn, the aquatic area near the island will attract some carp to gather here, and then it will form a natural fishing spot.

Reservoir fishing for carp

3. Fields, woods, grass beaches, etc. submerged by water

In autumn, fields, woods, grasslands, etc. near the dam will be submerged when the water level rises. Moreover, these areas have shallow water levels and abundant food, which can provide a natural protective barrier for fish. So fish will come here to gather and forage. Therefore, good catches are obtained when fishing in these places.


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