Tips and methods for carp fishing in winter

  1. Check the weather in advance

Choose a relatively warm day in winter. Try to choose sunny days and daytime. The temperature of sunny days and daytime is relatively warm in winter. At this time, the water temperature rises, the carp is easy to get out of the nest for food, and the suitable temperature also makes people not easy to catch a cold, so it is suitable to Go fishing in the wild.


  1. Choose the right place

The carp has a timid habit. Although it likes light, it does not like strong light and low light. Therefore, when you are fishing for carp in the wild on a sunny day or during the day, you can choose a fishing location with a water depth of two meters or more. The fishing location is better if there are obstructions such as rocks, water plants, etc. at the bottom of the water.

  1. Choose the right fishing tackle

Wild carp can be more than one meter in size and about 40 inches in size. It is a larger fish. The larger the fish, the more important the fishing tackle. Therefore, when fishing carp, you can choose longer and harder fishing rods and high-quality carp hooks according to actual needs.

carp hooks

  1. Choose the right bait

Since carp likes to eat grains, and the bigger carp likes pure food bait, the bait for fishing carp is mostly corn pellets, wheat pellets, and other grain bait, or grain-based bait.


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