It is well known that silver carp is a hot water fish. It is easy to catch in spring and autumn. However, there are also fishermen who want to catch Silver carp wild in winter. Let me introduce the techniques of wild silver carp fishing in winter.

Fishing method

The biggest difference between silver carp fishing in winter and summer is that the fishing layer is different. In summer, silver carp fishing can be placed one level away from the drift. In winter, the opposite is true. It needs to be from deep to shallow, as the temperature gradually rises. , The silver carp will slowly show up. At this time, you can slowly adjust the height of the hook from the bottom to find the fish layer. The fish mouth will be found about 15cm away from the layer.

Reservoir fishing for carp

Fishing line

In winter, the water is cold, and the fish’s mouth will become smaller, so you can abandon the No. 4 line used in summer and use the No. 2.5 line. Of course, you must choose a more suitable line according to the size of the fish itself. Yes, but a large matching hook will ensure that the fish will not easily decouple, and a small matching hook also has the advantage of attracting silver carp and has a higher rate of catching fish.


The bait for wild fishing in winter is basically the same as in summer. The important thing is that the taste is sour and smelly enough to attract silver carp to grab food.


Fishing spot

Some people think that silver carp fishing in winter should be found in deep water, but this is often not the case. Silver carp is difficult to open in winter, so the choice of the fishing point is not one of the important points. Therefore, areas with shallow water depth may have different harvests, and silver carp may also be found in shallow waters of two or three meters.

Fishing position

Weather options for silver carp fishing

It’s best to fish for silver carp on a sunny day in winter. Of course, it’s also fine on a cloudy day, but the effect is not as good as the weather. Fishing time on a sunny day will not wait too long, because silver carp will move after a while, so you can find it cleverly. The figure of the silver carp fished up.


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