There are different fishing methods and experiences, but in general, you have to do a lot of articles on the bait. Then, how to operate the bread?


1、It can be used alone. It is also possible to use bread alone as bait. Just roll the bread into small balls and hang them directly on the hook.

2、If the water flow is more urgent, it should be said that it is easy to use bread alone as the erbium. You can add a little flour, especially cooked corn flour.

3、In order to increase the effect of attracting fish, you can also add scented fish-attracting powder to the bread, which will be better for carp.

4、Bread is used alone. Generally speaking, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of fishing position. If it is a place with a lot of grass, it is an ideal position.


5、 If you want to catch carp, the bread is as big as a fingernail.

6、 When using bread as bait, remove the outer layer of bread and only use the inner white heart.


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