1. Maintenance of fishing hook

Every time a fish hook is used up, the debris on the hook and in the barb ditch must be promptly removed, dried with a dry cloth in time, put in a box or coated with grease, and wrapped with tin foil to prevent rust. Do not put it in engine oil or powder when storing, because these substances will leave a tail on the hook.

Short handle fish hook

   2. How to grind the hook

Generally speaking, the hook tip is ground into a gradually narrow and acute angle, which is a fishing hook for small fish. There are two ways to sharpen the hook tip of a fishing hook for medium-sized fish: one is a knife-shaped edge, which directly grinds two sharp angles from the hook bone; the other is to narrow it first and then sharpen it suddenly. The hook tip for big fish mainly considers its strength and avoids fragile acute angles.


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