You can make your own fishing hooks, but they are more troublesome and the quality cannot be guaranteed, so it is best to buy them at a fishing tackle shop. The following are several common fishing hooks.

bass fishing hooks

1. perch hooks are characterized by long, thin and narrow ditch gates, so fish are easy to swallow, hang bait, and pick off hooks. They are suitable for fishing small fish. The effect is that it is easy to penetrate deep into the throat of the fish, making the ferocious fish quickly lose their resistance, but the disadvantage is that the fish die faster.

Cod fish hook

2, carp hooks are slightly rounded from the tip of the hook to the backbend. Its characteristics are that the ditch gate is wider, the hook tip is inclined inward, the hook handle is of moderate thickness, and the fish is easy to swallow, and the bait rate is also called high. Fish with high momentum is more effective.

octopus hook

3. The bend of catfish hooks has a certain angle, it is not easy to be straightened, and the bait is not easy to fall off. It can be hung deep in the throat of the fish. It is often used for fishing ferocious fish or used in rivers with high flow rates. middle. However, it is easy to be broken due to the hard hook.

single barbless hook

4, kahle hooks have a narrow hook door, so they are easy to swallow, get hooked, and unhook. Especially effective for sensitive and timid fish. The disadvantage is that the crooked mouth hook tends to make the center of gravity unstable, and the elasticity is small, and it is easy to break when excessive force is applied. Use it for fishing in rapid rivers or seas. The bait is not easy to fall off, and it is not easy to cause running fish.

bass fishing hooks

5. The lower end of bait hooks is wrapped with feathers, plastic, and fish skin with a fake bait that resembles road-dwelling insects and algae. This kind of fake bait can lure fish to the bait. There are many kinds of bait, with different shapes, dark and light colors. Dark colors include red, black, and some other strong colors; light colors include brown, gray, etc. The two colors have their own characteristics and have their own influence on the fishing effect.

6. sturgeon hooks are a kind of equipment used to pull the hooked fish to the shore, mainly used for large fish.

sturgeon hooks

7, barbless hooks This is a hook without Barb, mainly used for fishing small fish. This kind of hook does not process barbs during manufacturing, which is convenient to improve the sensitivity and sharpness of the hook.

barbless hooks for trout

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