When buying fishing hooks, you should prepare multiple types of hooks. You must buy long shank hooks and short shank hooks, and then tie the fishing lines separately for easy replacement at any time.

You should choose fish hooks carefully according to your needs. Be sure to buy from a regular manufacturer, the big Fishing hook manufacturer has regular production, high technical content, and good quality. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of hooks produced by small informal factories.

trout hooks

depends on whether the fish hook is strong and tough. When testing, you can use one finger to pinch the tip of the hook and use the fingers of the other hand to pinch the handle of the hook outwards to see if there is any obvious deformation of the tip of the hook and the door of the hook. If it is deformed, it means that the hook is not strong. The strength is small; if it cannot be pulled, or slightly pulled, it means that the quality is good and the endurance is great.

bass fishing hooks

You should also see whether the hook tip is sharp and the length of the barb is appropriate. Because of the long barbs, the fish is not easy to unhook, but it is inconvenient to take the hook if it is too long. The hooks used by many anglers are barbless, in order to facilitate the removal of the hook, and do not hurt the fish, which can improve the fishing speed.

cod hooks

depends on whether the hook tail is generous. The hook tail is the wide and flat part of the hook handle. The hook handle is used to tie the fishing line. The hook tail is wide and thick, easy to tie, and not easy to fall off. The thickness of the hook tail is the same as the thickness of the fish hook handle, and the fishing line is easy to fall off. The hook tail should also be thicker. If it is too thin, the hook tail will wear off the binding wire and cause the hook to fall off due to the tension during use.

stainless steel circle hooks

There is also a fluorescent hook on the market. Some people call it a luminous hook. It will glow when the light is dark. This is because the fishing line is tied to the end of the hook handle first, and then a bunch of phosphorus is dropped on the knotted tail of the hook. It glows in the dark and is used to lure fish. It is better to use fluorescent hooks when fishing in deep water and cloudy days.


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