Because the fish hook is not maintained after use, it will rust and become blunt after a long time. At this time, even if the bait on the hook is eaten by the fish, it is difficult to catch the fish. Always pay attention to the maintenance of the fishing hook to keep it clean, bright, and sharp. The maintenance of fishing hooks mainly adopts simple methods today.

Carp hook

1. The hook tip is the most important part, and it is the place that needs protection the most. When fishing, you should not let the fishing tip touch hard objects. You should also avoid hanging grass when fishing in the grass because water plants are the easiest to blunt the hook tip.

Cod fish hook

2. Every time you go home from fishing, no matter how tired you are, but the fishing hook used that day in a ventilated place to dry and apply a little vegetable oil. Blunt hooks can be sharpened with a grindstone.

3. Check the hooks one by one. If you find any rusty spots on the hooks, you can polish them with a small piece of fine sandpaper. The hooks that are really no longer usable should be resolutely eliminated. After catching a big fish, check that the hook tip is still sharp. If it becomes blunt, replace the hook.

sturgeon hooks

4. The stainless steel fishing hooks can also be wrapped in the paper after the above treatment. Because paper is breathable, bait plastic is not easy to breathe. Mainly do not use plastic paper or plastic bags to prevent moisture.

cod hooks

5. Fishing hooks that have not been used for a long time should be placed in a cool and dry place, preferably sealed and stored.

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