1. The hook tip should be sharp

There are two ways to judge its sharpness: one is to lay a piece of cotton cloth on the table, put a hook on the cloth, and then lift the cloth. If the hook falls from the cotton cloth, it is not a sharp hook; the other is One way is to gently touch the hook tip with your fingers. If the hook tip sticks to your finger, it is a sharp hook tip. You can also use the hook tip to gently swipe the fingernail to check whether the hook tip is sharp. The hook tip.

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  2, the hook handle should be moderate

If the hook handle is too large or thick, it is easy to wear the hook wire; if it is too small, the wire is easy to lose and fall off; if it is too thin and the blade is sharp, it is easy to cut the hook wire.

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  3, the hook strip should be tough and elastic

The hardness and toughness of the hook strip should be appropriate. During the inspection, you can pinch the tip of the hook and push it outward. If you find that the hook is fragile or the waist is deformed, it means that the Fishing hook manufacturer’s heat treatment is not good.

The hook strip should have a good oxidation-proof layer. Under the same pulling force, the thinner the hook is, the easier it is to penetrate the mouth of the fish, so the rate of catching the fish is also higher. It is generally believed that white has better anti-oxidation properties.

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   4. Barbs are distinct

The angle should be appropriate. The barbs are made by the oblique angle of the hook strip at the lower part of the hook tip. Therefore, the manufacturing process is very important. The depth of the cracking is too large or the angle of the barb is too large; if the crack is small, the barb is not obvious, and some There are also barbs on the back of the hook, the angle is preferably 30°, and the angle of the hook is 48-50°.

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  5, the hook curve should be moderate

The hook handle is round and right, and the thickness is appropriate. The curvature of the hook will affect the hooking rate of the fish. If the hook is too curved, the fish will not be hooked. If the hook is too curved, the fish will easily runoff. The shape of the upper end of the hook handle should be smooth, round, and easy to fasten the fishing line.


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