Soft bait fishing here to explain that it is actually lure fishing. Because it is convenient, fast, environmentally friendly, and exciting, it is very popular among fishing friends. But because its target fish are all predatory carnivorous fishes, problems like soft bait fishing have to be explored slowly for new fishermen. Let me explain a few points on this issue for your study and reference!

Striped bass

  1. The types of soft bait are fish-shaped, shrimp-shaped, long worm type, and so on. We often use fish shape and long worm shape. For example, capuchin maggots.

Fake bait

  1. The choice of soft bait. In addition to distinguishing the types of soft bait, it is important to distinguish between soft, suitable specific gravity, size, weight, and color. It is recommended for novices to start with common soft types such as curly tail maggots, noodle worms, and shrimp types.

Fake bait

  1. Techniques. This is the key point, not much else to say, it is hard to say! How to catch it? Grasp a principle: make it real and alive! This will be shown through your rod, line, and hand movements! It is not explained in detail here, you will find a way.

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