How to master the skills of bass fishing

Perch is a relatively common fish species, which can not only survive in freshwater but also be active in the sea. Perch has a certain predatory nature and belongs to anadromous fish. Its foraging and habitat environment will change with the change of seasons. This article summarizes some techniques for bass fishing, let’s get to know them together.

Striped bass

Bass fishing season selection

Generally, there are two more suitable time periods for bass fishing every year. The first time is around the end of April and the beginning of May. During this time period, the size of bass is relatively large and belongs to the spawning broodstock. It will last until the end of July. The second time is autumn fishing. The time is about late October to mid-November. The temperature is relatively low. At this time, the size of the bass is relatively small, and the active water layer is deeper than that in spring. It is a better time to fish.

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Bass fishing time selection

According to past experience, the best time for luring bass is usually the early morning and evening of the day, that is, the time period of sunrise and sunset. The light in the water during these two periods is not as dark as night, and the fish and shrimps are in an active state, the perch will also leave the place where they hid before foraging.

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Weather options for bass fishing

Fishing for bass is the same as fishing for other fish species. It is also necessary to choose the weather. According to research, the effect of bass fishing in light rain is better. This is mainly because the bass is a short-migratory fish, and freshwater is more irritating to bass. . Especially when it rains, the fish spot will vibrate with the sea surface, which will cover up the impact of the fishing shore environment on the fish, so it will cause the bass to relax vigilance and it is easier to bite the fish hook.

Location selection for bass fishing

The difference between bass fishing and other fish species is the choice of fishing spots. This is mainly because bass fishing is much more vigilant than other fish species. Especially for fishing in some relatively quiet and clear waters, the perch is especially cautious in eating. At this time, using some brightly colored artificial bait with a good swimming style can have a good fishing effect. The bait hooks must be sharp and pierce the mouth of the fish quickly. When choosing a fishing spot, you can observe the sea surface condescendingly, and choose the fishing spot according to the color of the seawater and the shadow under the sea.

Striped bass

Bass Fishing Techniques

When the current is relatively rapid and the bait weight is relatively large, you can use the slow flat drag method to fish for the bass; when the current is relatively slow or the fish mouth is not good, you can use the fishing rod and the rocker to cooperate and use the continuous twitching of the fishing rod or the horoscope. Come to lure the bass. If you fish on the shore because shallow water fish can easily escape, you should pay attention to the line at this time, and be prepared to lower the fish at any time, or you can choose to walk the fish for a while, and then drag the fish ashore when they are exhausted.

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