The fishing hook is composed of six parts: handle, hook handle, hook bend, hook tip, and hook bottom. Each part has its specific function.


   fishing hook crown

refers to the uppermost part of the hook handle, which has various shapes such as straight flat head, side flat head, round head, etc. Its function is to prevent the tied fishing line from slipping off the hook. The handle should be of uniform thickness, smooth edges, and a certain thickness, otherwise the fishing line is easy to cut.

circle hooks for trout

   fishing hook handle

is also called the hook, which is the section from the crown to the hook. The hook handles can be long or short. long shank hooks are suitable for hanging long baits such as earthworms and insect baits and are mostly used for fishing and devouring fierce fish. The long hook handle can make the hook pierce deeper, and it is not easy to get out of the fish, and it is convenient to take off the hook. Use small-particle baits such as flour baits and rice grains for fishing, and hooks with short handles should be used.

cod hooks

   fishing hook bend

refers to the morphological characteristics of the curved part of the fishing rod. The type of fish hook is different, and the shape of the hook is different. Hook bends are round, square, streamlined, downwardly inclined, etc. Hook bends with a reasonable angle design can enhance the tensile strength of the hook.

bass fishing hooks

   fishing hook tip

Because its first acts on the mouth of the fish, the hook tip of the hook must be sharp, and the bald or virtual tip cannot hold the fish firmly. Some hook tips have barbs on the inside. The curvature of the barbs should not be too large or too small. The barbs should be placed at one-third of the hook tip. Some barbs are not as fast as barbless hooks. , But once stabbed, it will be difficult for the fish to break free.

stainless steel circle hooks

   fishing hook gate

also forms the hook mouth, which is the distance between the hook tip and the hook handle. The width of the hook door is directly proportional to the size of the hook type. The larger the hook number, the wider the hook door. The hook of the wide hook door is suitable for fish with a largemouth, and the hook with a narrow hook door is suitable for fish with a small mouth.

long shank circle hooks

   fishing hook deep

, also known as the bottom of the hook, is the height from the bottom of the hook to the tip of the hook, which can share the pulling force of the fish on the tip of the hook. The size of the hook depth is very particular. If it is too large, it will be difficult for the fish to swallow the mouth; if it is too small, it will easily cause the fish to escape.

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