The so-called fake fish fishing is also called lure fishing, bionic bait fishing, and artificial bait fishing. It is a method of imitating weak creatures to cause big fish to attack. Fake fish fishing generally uses soft fake bait. This kind of fake bait has a very diverse shape, usually small fish, gecko, maggots, etc., which can be sinking and float. The biggest strength of soft rubber lies in its realism. When presented at a super slow speed, it will swim like a real fish (or insect) under the water. Of course, this also depends on the angler’s manipulation techniques.

Soft bait

The correct method of fake fish fishing is to put the soft rubber into the fishing spot and wait for it to sink to the bottom before starting to control the bait. You can slowly retract the circle line and then stop (the soft rubber will rise) and let the bait Sink down. Regardless of whether the soft rubber rises or falls, its tail will squirm due to water pressure. The point is to let it sink. Fish biting the hook usually happens at this time. This fishing method is suitable for fast-paced modern leisure sports because of its bionic fish attracting, simple and exciting, green and environmentally friendly. As a novice, whether this method of fishing can be successful should also pay attention to the following points.

Soft bait

  1. Determine the fishing spot. Just spend a little more time trying it out in places with obstacles and open waters. The weeds extending from the shore to the water are a typical good fishing spot. At this time, walk along the shore and fish, don’t stick to the same spot. Set a fishing spot at each station, do a fan-shaped throw, then move forward several tens of meters and then throw again, repeating until the fish is hit.

2. The visibility and presentation of water. When you can see clearly, most fish will not bite strange things at will. When the bait is quickly pulled over the hiding place of the fish, such as a water plant, the fish will rush to bite the bait due to conditioned reflex. Therefore, when the water is very clear, such as sunny days, a faster speed can get a higher bait biting rate. fish hook chooses good quality fishing hooks, and the hooks made by good fishing hooks manufacturers can effectively ensure that the fish will not catch the fish if they bite the hook.

Crank hook detail drawing

When the visibility is lower, the fish have a higher willingness to bite the bait, and this is a good time for fishing. It is recommended to slow down so that the fish have more time to bite the bait. At the same time, you can also play some tricks, draw the bait twice quickly, tighten the fishing line, and let the bait sink. It is sometimes effective to draw the bait twice quickly.

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