The lure is a bell-like bait fishing method. It has a realistic appearance and attracts fish to bait through color, light, swimming shape, sound, etc. If the lure is to be fake, it requires the angler to have delicate techniques:

   1. Delayed bait

In order to make the lure bait sink to the expected depth when the middle fish is under the road, it is necessary to lure the fish into the swimming layer with a static sinking technique and wait for the fake bait to reach the appropriate position. And in the process of sinking, it can still mix short twitching, trembling and other actions to imitate a creature that sinks while twitching when injured;

Fake bait

   2. Vibrate bait

This movement is a tiny shaking technique, imitating the subtle movements of the bait creature. For example, when there is no pressure from natural enemies, a small fish moves and moves quietly, or tiger prawns always move forward by jumping. Shaking the tip of the rod or collecting bait in a short distance in operation;

Fake bait

   3. Bait

When the bait is trapped to the bottom of the swimming layer of the target fish, if the bait is collected by sudden bait, it will often attract the target fish’s attack. The rush to escape after the fish;

   4. Swimming bait

Swimming bait is a pure bait harvesting technique. It can be harvested slowly to simulate the posture of a small fish swimming alone and full. At this time, you may wish to add some other bait harvesting techniques, which will be more vivid, or they can also be used to harvest bait smoothly and quickly. Mention the willingness of the target fish to hunt;

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   5. Pull water

Pulling water is a violent pulling method, making the water-drawn lure or pen-shaped lure produce splashes, water patterns, and noises that push the water surface to attract the target fish. This method does not allow the lure to move long distances, otherwise, it will reduce the number of times of pulling water, that is, the smallest bait collection distance is exchanged for the largest sound and splash.


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