Fish eat everything when they are hungry, especially carnivorous fish species, which are highly aggressive and will definitely attack artificial bait. For example, bass and Catfish are the most representative ones. Grass carp, carp, and other large herbivorous fish will also attack artificial bait. Bait, commonly used fake bait is about five centimeters in length.

The choice of artificial bait

Fake bait is roughly divided into hard bait and soft bait, floating water, and submerged bait, there are so many colors on the market, so how do choose various types of bait?

Soft bait

People have vision, hearing, smell, taste, and lateral lines (skin responds to water temperature), as well as fish. Bait fishing is the most important in terms of visual and lateral line reactions. Visual and lateral line reactions depend on the weather. It is more conspicuous when used on cloudy days. The color of white and pink, silver or yellow in daylight, of course, depends on the color of the water. When the water is muddy, it may be natural. Black or red is easy to use. When the water is clear, it is cyan and brown. In addition, you have to consider the refraction of light. The problem is water temperature and water quality, but there are two absolute colors, red and black. Red is the color of pink that the abdomen of animals will appear when they are frightened, while black is the color that the sun is on, the bait is on the water, and the fish can only be seen when looking up underwater.

Fake bait

Soft bait requires more skill when it dances. Fake bait fishing is to imitate the action of injured or weak creatures. You must first drag it on the water to see how the fake bait beats and when to drag it. What about the middle-level running method? Pull and run at a certain speed, and then throw it out after you understand it, and use the same method to pull. bait hooks choose high-quality fishing hooks manufacturers so that the fish will not easily escape

In addition, the height of the ground, whether there are obstacles and other factors also affect the choice of artificial bait. We have to make different analyses in different situations.


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