Although lure is relatively easy to accept, it takes a while to master, and in this process to explore experience, the most important thing is to build confidence

How should lure get started? 6 suggestions for lure novices!
1. Almost all carnivorous fish are very interested in things that are floating and sinking. When this kind of fish sees small fish, shrimp, or other prey that are floating and sinking, they will open their mouths to chase after them. Eat, so according to this habit, beginners might as well start sinking from the artificial baitrise.

Fake bait

2. Novices should not pay attention to the equipment. If there is no special lure rod, you can replace it with a small sea rod with a reel at the beginning. Just buy some lure bait. You must choose high-quality bait hooks and wait for the technology. After maturity, choose suitable professional lure equipment according to your needs.

octopus hook
3. Fishing is very technical. Lure fishing requires a deep understanding of the living habits and habitats of various target fish species in order to accurately find the target point. Therefore, novices must do their homework.

High Carbon Steel Fishing sea bass hook Saltwater hooks

4. The early morning and evening of the day are when the fish’s activity is the best and the appetite is the strongest. You may choose this time period for practice.
Heavy-duty loop hook saltwater hook

5. In order to prevent the fish from being frightened and find the artificial bait quickly, choose a dim-toned artificial bait in a water area with good light and clear water; on the contrary, choose a bright-toned bait in a water area with dark light and turbid water. Artificial bait.

Striped bass
6. In unfamiliar waters, the automatic line setting of the reel should be adjusted in advance to prevent the line from being pulled instantly after the fish is caught.


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