Use a loach hook, preferably about 5cm long. When hooking, the hook should be pierced from one side of the front end of the dorsal fin and pierced from the other side, exposing the barbs on the tip of the hook. For the problem that it is difficult to grasp the loach, fishermen can use a dry cloth to hold the loach or sprinkle dry sand on the loach. Best to use live bait hooks


When the River snail is used as bait, you can either break the River snail into pieces and take the meat, hook the whole River snail meat, or cut it into corn kernel-sized pieces of meat to hook, or you can pierce the hook directly from the back of the river snail. Hooked up. These three hooking methods are good for catching big fish.

river snail

The tail hook method can be used to hook the earthworm. Before hooking, the head of the earthworm should be removed first, and then the earthworm should be inserted into the whole hook from the tail. Pay attention to leaving a part of the earthworm at the tail of the fish hook, and let the viscera of the earthworm be exposed as much as possible. It is recommended to use an aberdeen hook, which can ensure that the fishy smell of earthworms is spread as much as possible and can attract more fish.


Leeches can be used as bait to catch Catfish, mandarin fish, and bass. The leeches can swim alive for two days after being hooked. Leech tastes very Fishy, ​​coupled with its endless wriggling underwater, so can greatly attract the catfish. With the single hook method, you can hang the fish hook along the leech body, or hang it on the back of the suction cup.



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