(1) First of all, the newly bought soft bait, after opening the package for the first time, if the used soft bait is put back in the original packaging, the impurities on the surface of the soft bait must be cleaned up. It can be put together with unused similar products. Pay attention to one detail. The soft bait hooks are the key cleaning area.

Soft bait

(2) If the original packaging is damaged or choose other packaging to contain lure soft bait, you must not choose packaging with PE as the raw material. Packaging bags of other raw materials are not recommended. Some fishermen like to use plastic boxes for soft bait, which is not recommended here.

(3) In terms of the storage temperature of the soft bait, it is recommended not to store it at low temperature. Some fishermen like to refrigerate the soft bait. This method is not desirable, as the low temperature will destroy the molecular structure in the raw material of the soft bait. It will speed up the old painting of the soft bait and reduce the use rate and effect of the soft bait.

Preservation of soft bait

(4) is the same brand of soft bait, different styles, different colors, can not be mixed. In particular, some mechanical baits use the effect of spray paint. If they are mixed, everyone will know the result.

(5) Some fishermen mentioned about putting some oil on the soft bait to improve the storage time of the soft bait. Here I want to briefly explain that the oil produced by the soft bait is not the oil we think, but a kind of chemical raw material. Secretions. Therefore, it is not recommended here, and it is not recommended that you use other chemical oils for maintenance.

Soft bait

(6) The salted soft bait should be stored in a dry environment as much as possible. If the environment is too humid, the skin of the bait will produce a stinging effect. Soft baits on the market are afraid of sun exposure.

(7) Keep the soft bait in a dry and constant temperature place as much as possible. If the temperature is too high, it will cause certain damage to the chemical molecules of the soft bait.

Soft bait

(8) When storing the soft bait, try not to squeeze it together. Long-term squeezing will cause the original shape of the bait to change.


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