A beginner lure fisherman, every time he goes out to lure bass, it can be said that he is full of confidence, but the reality is not optimistic, then, how can we get to the bass?

Striped bass

The predation of perch is generally characterized by rocky bottoms in lakes and reservoirs, rocky dams, bridge piers, bridge holes, both sides of dams extending into the water, streams inflows of rivers and lakes, rivers with a gentle flow, and dense water and grass. , These places are mostly fish and shrimp activity places and places of attachment. In particular, the rock dams built with rubbish are the best fishing spots for bass fishing, because these places are habitats for shrimp and small fish, and they are also places where the bass hunts and hides. After we arrive at the fishing ground, we must not rush to get off the rod. We must pay attention to and choose a suitable fishing spot. If we choose the right fishing spot, we can say that good luck will come.

Striped bass

The characteristic of  the lure fishing method is to take the initiative to find fish to catch, so the fake bait must be thrown to the place where the fish may live. The specific method is to search for the fan centered on the position of the angler, and first search the key area. As mentioned above. jig hooks are all-water fishing rigs. You can search from the bottom to different depths on the surface of the water. You can master it as long as you practice regularly. In addition, fish hook choose good quality fishing hooks manufacturers to avoid the imagination of broken hooks when catching fish.


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