As a lure novice, having a good learning habit will greatly increase our learning speed. People who come to your experience should correct their learning attitude first. Don’t think about what fish can be caught in a short time. You can practice some basic skills down-to-earth, and it’s only a matter of time before you catch a fish.

Fake bait
1. The characteristics of the opposite fish species you want to catch are very important. Because different fish species inhabit and prey on different swimming layers.

2, like to catch prey type, swimming style, speed, sound, color (if you prefer vegetarian and poor eyesight fish species, including smell) In addition, fish hook should also choose good bait hooks.

long shank treble hooks
3. The period of predation. For example, some fish like to be in the daytime and some like the night. Of course, these are not static, because in some places the waters are too disturbed during the day, so the fish species are forced to hunt at night during the day.

4. Air pressure, water temperature, dissolved oxygen in the water. But some fish like to hunt at lower water temperatures. But the dissolved oxygen in the water body basically all fish species like the higher the better. So it’s better to be a little windy when out fishing!

octopus hook
If you are sea fishing, you should choose saltwater hooks, the specific technique of manipulating artificial bait. All you need to do is find a clearer water area, drag the artificial bait to a place where you can see it, and keep changing your technique until you find a swimming style and sinking speed similar to the prey of your counterpart fish. Practice the drop point of the toss again, wait for the artificial bait to be dropped to the swimming layer you need for the target fish, and then follow your practice of dragging. Then, even if you study by yourself, you will be able to succeed.


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