kahle hooks are suitable for fishing fish with large bodies and mouths, especially marine fish.

The hook type of Kahle hooks is very similar to catfish hooks. Many novices will think that these are barbed hooks with slightly off-point hooks because the barbed hooks of this type of hooks are similar to Catfish hooks, but This kind of hook is more distinctive than the hook type of catfish hook.

eagle claw catfish hooks

Why would you say this? Catfish hooks and Kahle hooks are both thick hooks and belong to long shank hooks. However, the hook door of the catfish hook is relatively narrow, which makes it easier for fish to swallow with the hook and bait, while the distance between the hook door of Kahle hooks is wider. In this case, fish with a small mouth will have a strong foreign body sensation when swallowing hook bait.

circle hooks for catfish

Kahle hooks were originally used for sea fish fishing. When fishing freshwater fish, especially carp and bass, it is not difficult for Kahle hooks to pierce the mouth of the fish. Therefore, if you want to increase the success rate of fishing, the Kahle hook is a good choice.


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