Each part of the fishing hook has its own specific function and is a must-have item for us when fishing. However, there are many types of hooks, and different hook types have different functions. Let’s understand how to choose a sturgeon hooks.

trout hooks

The principle of choosing a sturgeon hook

  1. When choosing a hook, the tip of the hook should be sharp, which means that the tip of the hook should be sharp, and the barb of the hook should be moderate if it has good piercing properties. Only if the hook tip is sharp and smooth will it increase our chance of catching the fish.
  2. The steel hook of the fish hook should be tough, the hook should be flexible, not brittle or soft, too soft to catch a big fish, it is easy to be deformed or straightened to cause the fish to run away if it is too brittle, it is easy to be broken by the fish. The hook has good elasticity and has a certain degree of tension. The hook is not easy to break and deform in the case of a large sturgeon, causing the fish to run away.
  3. The thickness of the hook and handle of the fish hook should be moderate, the craftsmanship should be excellent, and the appearance should have a high-strength anti-chemical layer. If the hook strip is too thin, the fish will struggle in the water when the fish is caught, and the hook will easily become deformed. If the hook strip is too thick, the fish in the water will be alert when eating the bait.

trout hooks

The right choice of sturgeon hook

  1. The fish hook is of good steel quality, and the tip of the hook must be sharp. Lightly touch it with your hands when selecting; it feels best to have a prick.
  2. The hook strip must be tough and elastic; the quality of the fish hook must withstand the resistance of the fish in the water, the dragging force of the fishing rod, and its hardness and toughness should be the best. We can use pliers to hold the fishing hook and pull the tip to the back to test its elasticity and strength.
  3. The purpose of the barbed hook is to make the fish catch the hook after swallowing the hook and prevent him from spitting out the hook. It is made by cracking the angle of the fishing rod at the lower part of the fishing trip. The manufacturing process is very precise and cracking. If it is deep, the angle at which the spines are formed is too large or too high, and the barbs will not be smooth. If the cracks are small, the barbs will be shallow and not obvious, and the barbs will not work. Therefore, the barbs must be cracked moderately, which is related to our fish rate.
  4. The hook strip is as thin as possible to make it easier to tie the hook; under the same tension, the thinner the hook strip is, the easier it is to pierce the mouth of the fish. Therefore, the hook with a thin hook strip has a higher rate of catching fish. In many cases, fine hooks must have a better anti-oxidation layer for reliable use. Fish fishing on the market is generally plated with an anti-oxidation layer in three colors: yellow, black, and white. White has the best anti-oxidation effect.

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