Nowadays, there are many fish hook products on the market. There are not only many types but also different manufacturers of the same type. So how do you pick out the hooks you want from these products?


The structure of the hook


The overall structure of the fish hook is divided into six parts: the handle head, the hook handle, the hook back, the hook end, the hook tip, and the hooked thorn.

bass fishing hooks

The function of the crown is to prevent the bundled thread from slipping out. Its shape has a straight flat head, flat side head, ring head, barbed head and so on. Not too particular about it.

fishing hook handles include long shank hooks and short handle hooks. The long handle hook is suitable for stringing long baits such as earthworms and insects, and the short handle hook is suitable for stringing small grain baits such as gluten and rice grains.

long shank circle hooks

The hook back has a round back, flat back, oblique back, arch back and other shapes. In terms of mechanics, the round-back hook can withstand the greatest force, while the flat-back and diagonal-back are worse. If the rigidity is good, the arch back hook is most likely to fall off after being hooked. The back of the hook is also different in width. The distance between the hook handle and the hook end is the width of the back. If it is too narrow, the fish mouth part of the aisle is small, and the fish will easily decouple; if it is too wide, the pulling force it can bear will be relatively weakened. The ideal width is based on the size of the entire hook so that the hook end, the hook back, and the hook handle form an arc. The hook is bigger, the arc is also bigger, and the width increases accordingly. After the fish is hooked, the back of the hook plays a major role in stress. The difference in the shape of the hook is reflected on the back of the hook. This point needs attention from fishing friends.

long shank hooks

The length of the hook end indicates the depth of the hook into the fish’s body. If it is long, it is not easy to get into the hook, but it will be deeper when the fish is hung; if it is short, it is easy to get into the hook, but the fish is also easy to escape.

trout hooks

The hook tip needs to be sharp so that it has good piercing performance and can quickly penetrate into the fish’s mouth to improve efficiency.

Barbs are required to be of the right size, and they lose the meaning of barbs if they are short.


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