kahle hooks are hook-shaped for main fishing marine fish. The hook strip is slightly thick and flat, the hook bottom is smooth, the hook tip is curved inward, and the hook handle is longer. Suitable for fishing a big, fierce and aggressive marine fish.

Kahle hooks are also the most commonly used barbed hooks. The bend of the hook is arc-shaped, the tip of the hook is slightly off, and the tip is slightly retracted. It is suitable for both sea and freshwater fish.

Cod fish hook

carp hooks also belong to long shank hooks. The hook door is wide, the hook tip is inside the hook, and the hook strip is thicker. It is divided into barbed hooks and barbless hooks, suitable for fishing carp, Catfish and other medium and large fish. The tip of the hook is sharp, and the tip of the hook has a curved curvature. The hook is not easy to run off the fish, but it depends on the fishing technique.

Cod fish hook

catfish hooks are of moderate thickness and long and narrow hooks. They are suitable for hanging earthworms, sea silkworms and other bait fishing. Suitable for small and medium marine fish and freshwater fish.


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