The small hook seems simple, but in fact, quite a few fishermen don’t know how to use it correctly. So how do we choose the right fish hook?

trout hooks

The hook body is smooth; the rough hook body that is visible to the naked eye must not be used. Although it may be hard enough, it is easy to break and the hook tip is easy to wear.

cod hooks

The tip of the hook is sharp; you can use your index finger to feel the sharpness of the hook tip. The fishing hook that resists will be obviously insensitive, but a good quality hook easily pierces the epidermis without any effort.

circle hooks for trout

After satisfying the above two requirements, you can hang a good hook in a place and pull it hard with a thick thread. If it can be straightened or the hook door is easy to widen, it is useless. The straightened hook proves that the hook is not hard enough. It is not a problem to catch small fish. Once the big hook door is easily pulled open, wait for the fish to run. Of course, even a good hook will pull the hook door open but with strength, The requirements are great and will be back soon.


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