Tell everyone about how many kinds of hooks there are and how to choose them

  1. carp hooks

The characteristic of this kind of fish hook is that the hook strip is relatively thick, which is more suitable for fishing large fish, and the hook door is also relatively wide, which is more conducive to thorn fish. After stabbing the fish, the carp hooks will hook the fish deeply, and it has barbs, it is difficult for the fish to get out of the hook after the fish is hit. No matter what type of fishing method or rod, carp hooks are commonly used.

Cod fish hook

  1. kahle hooks

Don’t confuse Kahle hooks and carp hooks. Their fish hooks are similar in appearance, except that the hook door of Kahle hooks is narrower than carp hooks. Under the same model, the hooks of Kahle hooks are smaller than carp hooks. One advantage of Kahle hooks is that the blade handle at the tip of the hook is longer, so the piercing is deeper after the fish is pierced, and it is more difficult for the fish to get out unless it is a large fish. However, Kahle hooks also have a shortcoming, that is, the hook strip is too thin. When encountering a big fish, the hook strip is either broken away or the hook strip is deformed. So Kahle hooks are more conducive to catching small fish.

circle hooks for catfish

  1. perch hooks

Compared with Kahle hooks, perch hooks are more suitable for fishing small fish, because perch hooks are the smallest hooks, perch hooks belong to long shank hooks, and the hook tip is shorter and the hook door is narrower. The long hook handle is good for unloading the fish on the needle, which saves time. It can be seen that perch hooks are designed for fishing small fish.

carp hooks

  1. trout hooks

Perch hooks and Kahle hooks are opposite. The hook strips of trout hooks are thicker, the hook door is also wide, and the length of the hook tip is moderate. It belongs to barbless hooks. Generally speaking, it is a kind of hook that is smaller than carp hooks and larger than perch hooks, so Use trout hooks to fish, you can catch any fish, as long as you choose the hook number according to the size of the fish.

carp hook


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