How to choose barbed hooks and barbless hooks, the author will answer for you how to choose fish hook correctly

Relatively speaking, barbless hooks are indeed easy to cause fish running, especially for some novices; the phenomenon of fish running will always occur when using a hook without barbs, but this does not mean that a hook without barbs will definitely happen. Running fish mainly depends on fishing skills.

Below we specifically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of barbed hooks and non-barbed hooks.

  1. Advantages of barbed hooks:

It is suitable for sea rods because sea rods generally use long lines for long-distance fishing, and once they bite the hook, it is difficult to raise the rod and stab the fish in time because the untimely raising rod will cause the fish to spit out the hook. Barbed hooks, even if the rod is not raised in time, it is impossible to spit out the hook, which can ensure that the fish will not run away.

weighted jig hooks

Disadvantages of barbed hooks:

The barbed hook is not neat when stabs the fish, and the hand feels not particularly comfortable. When there are barbed hooks, especially the use of earthworm bait and other time-consuming, especially not suitable for competitive fishing, Barb hooks stabbed the fishing net when they encountered hanging bottoms or fishing, and most of them would be difficult to remove.

  1. Advantages of no barbed hook:

The effect of the thorn fish is sharp and pleasant, with a hand feeling, and the quick hook removal is very suitable for competitive fast fishing. After the fish bite the hook, the fish can be pierced quickly, and the hook will not be released when the fish is pierced. The tip of the hook directly enters, which will cause less damage to the big fish, and it is convenient to take the hook.

single barbless hook

Disadvantages of no barbed hook:

The only disadvantage is that when using insects to fish, because the insects are squirming, it is extremely easy to cause bait removal.