Although there are many surprises in sea fishing, like many outdoor activities, there are also some familiar safety knowledge. Only by familiarizing with these safety knowledge can you better appreciate the fun of sea fishing.

1. Pay attention to sun protection.

On the sea, even if it is cloudy, the ultraviolet rays will be strong, not to mention the time when the sky is clear, tanning is normal, but sunburn is not good. In order to avoid sunburn, in addition to wearing a hat, you can also apply sunscreen. There are different types of sunscreens, as well as different SPFs. If you go to sea, it is best to choose high SPFs and apply them half an hour before exposure to the sun to be effective. In addition, sunscreen lasts for only a few hours, so after sunscreen is sunburned, it should be reapplied in time. In addition, the light reflected by the sea is more irritating to the eyes. After watching the sea for a long time, the eyes are prone to fatigue, so wear a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses to go out to sea more comfortably.

Safety tips for fishing at sea

2. Prevent colds and heatstroke

The weather on the sea changes rapidly, and the temperature difference between day and night is also great. Therefore, when sea anglers go out to sea, they should bring both summer clothes and autumn clothes. When the weather is too hot, even if you wear shorts and short clothes, you should not stay in an uncovered place outside the ship for a long time to avoid heat stroke; and when the weather gets cold, you should put on clothes to keep warm. Avoid colds, headaches, or physical weakness that may further cause seasickness.

3. Pay attention to lightning protection

When there is thunder and lightning, even if it does not rain, you should stop fishing at sea. Because the fishing rod is a carbon rod, it is easy to trigger mines. In order not to be smashed, sea anglers should stay in the boat when there is thunder and lightning, not sea fishing.

Safety tips for fishing at sea

4. Don’t pull out the hook that hits the finger by yourself

When fishing at sea, occasionally there will be accidents where the fish hook of the fisherman catches his finger. At this time, don’t pull out the hook forcibly because the hook is barbed. If the fisherman pulls out the fish. The hook may damage important structures such as blood vessels, nerves, and tendons; therefore, the best treatment is to perform the necessary disinfection first to stop the bleeding, and then seek a professional doctor to remove it.

The above are some safety tips for fishing at sea. I hope that every sea angler who goes to sea can go out to sea happily, and then come back happily.

Safety tips for fishing at sea

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