Hook fishing is an indispensable and essential accessory, but many fishermen do not know much about fish hooks. Today I will talk to you about the different characteristics and usage of the more common trout hooks and cod hooks. I hope it will be useful to everyone.

  1. Advantages of trout hook

The biggest feature of trout hooks is that the hook is thick, the hook door is wide, the hook handle is short, and the hook tip is turned inward. It is especially suitable for fishing carp, Catfish and grass carp. Because the lips of these fishes are relatively thin and the endurance is small, this type of hook can ensure that it penetrates into the cavity of the fish when stabs the fish, making the starfish stronger.

When the hook extends to the inside of the mouth of the fish, if the hook handle is particularly long, it will cause obstacles, and the short handle is just conducive to the completion of this action. The inward bending of the hook tip can reduce the probability of running fish. In addition, the hook tip of the trout hook is particularly sharp, so when the fish is pierced, the fish cavity can be successfully pierced without great force.

  1. Disadvantages of trout hooks

Of course, trout hooks also have some drawbacks. Let’s put it this way, the various features mentioned earlier about it are actually not only its advantages but also its shortcomings. Because the bottom of the trout hook is relatively wide, according to the principle of leverage, its load capacity will also decrease as the bottom of the hook is widened. Therefore, in the case of the same thickness of the hook, the load of the trout hook is often less than that of the cod hook. Therefore, when fishing for larger fish such as grass carp, herring, carp, etc., it is better to choose a trout hook with a thicker bar.