Perch is a carnivorous fish that is more aggressive, so it is a common Lure target fish. Although we have introduced the bass fishing method before, it is mainly limited to the real bait fishing method. Therefore, the author summarizes some analysis of Lure bass skills to fishermen and hopes Lure fishermen can have fun.

  1. The choice of bass fishing tackle

Perch has higher water quality requirements than ordinary native fish, and the topography of the place where it lives is also more complicated. The place where perch stays is generally still water or slow-moving streams, rivers, and locations with water plants, so look for The quasi-standard point is the key. Autumn is the last time for Lure perch because once the winter enters, the perch has basically stopped eating.

To deal with bass, you must first choose the corresponding weapons and equipment. The hardness of the general pole can basically be dealt with in ML-M, and it can also guarantee a certain feel. The length also varies from person to person and depends on the specific conditions around the water surface. For large individual bass, the length generally chooses a straight rod of about 2.1, and the wheel can choose about 2000. In order to take into account other fish, the choice of fishing line can choose 8-12 pounds of nylon or 6-10 pounds of PE. Braided line, if the individual is not large, you can choose a slightly thinner fishing line, such as about 6-8 pounds.

In some areas, the perch individuals are not large, but the number is large. Many people use freshwater root fishing for Lure perch. It is also possible. The choice of fishing tackle is 1.68-1.98m straight handle or gun handle, with carbon wire or PE+ lead. Carbon wire, the effect is also better. (The key to all this choice lies in yourself. See if there is no absolute fixed size according to the size of the fish in your local environment. In short, it is the best that suits you.)

  1. Selection of Perch fishing position

The density of the fish must be understood to a certain extent, and then the location is determined. Generally, the area where the perch lives are in some more complicated places, such as: around rocks, under cliffs, near dams, large bridge piers, and some with pebble bottoms and water plants. The position of the Sea bass is quite similar to that of the sea bass in the early spring and summer. Consultation with local fishermen will definitely help, familiarize yourself with the environment and water conditions of the fishing grounds, walk around and take a look, and you don’t have to be eager to throw your rods to fish without coming up.

  1. bass fishing skills

It is the basic requirement of every player to check the sharpness of the hooks before fishing. It is also necessary to polish the hooks and replace the treble hooks in time. The bass attack is cautious and fierce. When it is absolutely sure to attack, it usually strikes quickly from the bottom of Lure, bites fiercely, then puts the bait hooks in its mouth (its mouth has a large volume), and turns away. The food is swallowed only when it is confirmed. Therefore, when playing with Lure, accurately grasping the timing of the swing is half the battle. Sometimes, especially when playing VIB and CRANK, if you feel a slight tremor in your hands, you can make a match, but you must grasp the strength. To light is not good, run fish! Too heavy is not good. Keep the bow stick at all times, and sometimes there is a signal when the bottom hangs, so keep the bow stick first, and then when a second sense comes from your hands, you can consider adding strength to make up the gun. At this moment, it is generally unlikely to happen.

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