1. Season

The late autumn season is the golden peak season for octopus fishing. The anglers standing on the boat, each holding one or two fishing lines in their hands, kept lifting and pulling as the boat moved slowly. As long as you feel a little heavier in your hand, you will lift it hard, and the octopuses wriggling around their feet will be raised from time to time to the surface of the water with the joy of the anglers.

Five tips for fishing octopus

2. fish hook

Let me introduce you to the fish hook. Generally, it is a stainless iron rod (the iron rod shining on the bottom of the sea will attract octopus, or wrap it with tin foil to increase brightness). In order to increase the weight, the lead is poured into the iron rod. One end of the fish hook is fixed, and now it is sold in fishing gear stores, for 3 yuan each.

There are two types, one is a dead hook, and the other is a live hook. Why is it designed like this? Because there are some rotten fishing nets or underground cages and other nets on the seabed. If the hook touches these things, the hook is dead. Then it’s over, you can only pull the line off (you have to hang up a lot in a day, and the cost will be higher). The live hook is different. After you encounter these, you pull hard and hit the hook of the obstacle. It will fall off. At this time, you only lose 1 or a few hooks , the main iron rod will not be lost, relatively speaking, it is much cheaper

Five tips for fishing octopus

3. fishing rod

The rod for octopus fishing is called an octopus rod here because it is a rod specially designed for octopus fishing. The eight-claw poles are cut-in sections. There are two sections in length, ranging from 1.1 meters to 1.5 meters. They are similar to fishing rods, and they are all carbon solid. Because fishing octopus does not need to use floats, we generally choose a slightly softer rod (because it feels good, can hook the fish accurately, and increase the rate of fish). For the wheels, we can choose small wheels with 2000 rpm. I won’t introduce them here.

Octopus fishing

4. Location and weather

The location and weather for octopus fishing. Since octopus fishing is a form of trolling, there must be strict requirements and control on the speed and direction of the vessel’s swimming at sea. The speed of the boat is too fast or too slow, it will affect the fishing effect. This requires constant adjustment of the anchor point where the anchor contacts the seabed in time according to the prevailing wind direction, wind force, ocean current, etc. This requires sufficient offshore operation experience.

We are here with about 10 people taking small boats to go fishing 7 to 15 nautical miles from the shore. After arriving at the location, if it is not the breeding area, the boat will move along the current (octopus usually follows the current). Activities), if it is a breeding area, use a rope to tie it to the breeding cage. If there is less fishing in one place, it will be replaced in another breeding space.

As long as the weather doesn’t blow easterly (because the seawater will be very muddy if there is easterly wind in Beidaihe, octopus hooks will not be visible in the seawater, naturally there will be no fishing) or the wind is less than 5 levels. It is best to catch octopus at the menarche or tail of each tide, so that the flow level is slow and the water quality is clear, which is very suitable for fishing. Try not to go to sea with winds greater than 5, safety first.

Octopus fishing

5. skills

Fishing for octopus is not a kind of fish that is difficult to catch. The important point is that the technology content is low. After the octopus is hooked, the line must be slow and steady. Don’t stop, don’t drink it all at once. The most important point is whether to use the hand line or the boat pole. Don’t stay still after hooking. If you want to get a good harvest, you need to work hard on the lifting amplitude and frequency. My method is to raise the amplitude of about 20 cm. After the anchor hits the bottom, pull it up and then lower it. Feeling aggravated, immediately raise the rod and pick up the fish quickly (octopus has the instinct to release black ink, and the octopus that is raised on the surface often releases black ink, which is hard to guard against.

Octopus fishing

Therefore, once the octopus is raised to the surface, people must keep a certain distance from the octopus. When removing the hook, use the index and middle fingers of your hand to hold the octopus’s round abdomen, and gently remove it along the hook, so that the ink-filling head is facing outward, so that the black ink it releases will not be sprayed on the human body. . ) In addition, in order to increase the catch, some fishermen have one rod and one rod, and the lifting range is really wonderful.

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