As a fishing enthusiast, I have also compared several commonly used fish hook, summarized and analyzed their advantages and disadvantages. Today, I will write an article specifically to talk about my views, and maybe I can provide you with some ideas. Useful information.


What are some common crucian carp hooks on the market? Usually, when I pass by and see someone fishing by the river, I will ask him how many fish he has caught, what hook and bait he used. Wild fishing for crucian carp, most of the fishermen will choose perch hooks, and some fishermen will choose whiting hooks, kahle hooks and so on. Today, I will mainly introduce the characteristics of these three kinds of hooks, after some information, I found on the Internet and some of my self-fishing experience.


  1. Perch hooks


Perch hooks, which have a relatively small hook type, are specially designed for fishing small fish in natural waters. For example, wild fishing for crucian carp, white strips, and small beak are very suitable. The hook door of perch hooks is narrow, the hook strip is thin and a little flexible, the hook is light in weight, and the hook handle is long. The advantages of fishing with perch hooks are: it is easy to be sucked into the mouth by the fish, the fish rate is relatively high, and the barbless design is easy to take the hook. The disadvantage is that novices can easily get off the hook and run off the fish if they don’t operate properly, and they may straighten the hook when they encounter a slightly larger fish.

Perch hooks

Perch hooks

  1. whiting hooks


The characteristics of whiting hooks are: the hook door is narrow, the hook strip is neither thick nor thin, the crooked mouth design is sharper, the hook handle is relatively short, the weight of the hook is not too heavy, and the barbed hook is not easy to run off the fish. Whiting hooks are very suitable for wild fishing. Compared with perch hooks, whiting hooks have more impact resistance. If you really want to take both large and small wild fishing into consideration, whiting hooks are definitely the best choice. The hook strips of whiting hooks are also thinner, which is a bit thicker than perch hooks, even if you encounter two or three catties of carp, No. 2 or No. 3 perch hooks during wild fishing.

whiting hooks

whiting hooks

3.Kahle hooks


The kahle hooks have thin hooks, wide hook doors, short hook handles, and are lightweight. They are very suitable for crucian fishing. Compared with perch hooks, the advantage of kahle hooks is that it is more stable, not easy to run off, and it is also easy to be sucked into the mouth by the carp. I usually use kahle hooks for wild fishing, especially for large crucian carp that is more than three or two in the reservoir. Perch hooks always feel easy to get out of the hook and fish. Kahle hooks can be better. Solve this problem.

kahle hooks

Summary and supplement: Choose the hook according to your own preferences and actual fish conditions in order to choose the most suitable hook. The introduction of the above three kinds of hooks may be useful to some fishermen. In short, how to choose a hook depends on the actual situation.


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