Perch is a cunning and vigilant fish species. Right now, this season is the breeding season for perch, and it is also a good season for lure perch. Today I will talk about some techniques for lure perch.


1.The habits of bass

Perch is a more ferocious carnivorous fish. It has a strong ability to distinguish food. It mainly preys on small fish and shrimps. Sometimes it also eats tadpoles. It starts to prey when it is a small fry, and after it becomes a fish, It will ambush and attack. Perch is not very courageous and is very sensitive to sound. It will also reduce the movement to a very low level when preying. If you see a small-diameter downward spiral sprayed by the water, you will immediately return to calm. It may be that the perch is preying, which requires the fake bait we throw to be as gentle as possible when falling into the water, not very rigid, and closer to the sound of the real insect falling into the water in nature.


2.Location selection for bass fishing

Bridge piers, cliffs, stone crevices in the water flow, and downstream of power stations, the barrier area on the shore may become the trend of perch activity. Luya perch does not pay attention to long shots. It is more important to search for the side and the obstacle area. You can find its traces. In winter and early spring, when the temperature is relatively low, you should choose a southerly windy day with plenty of solar wind and search slowly in a sunny place with a water depth of more than one meter.

Striped bass

3.Time period selection for bass fishing

Perch is a target fish with strong seasonality. Its activity will be higher when the temperature is between 18 and 32 degrees. Early morning and dusk from June to winter is the best time for lure perch. The climate is not. It’s sultry and rainy, so that you can fish for bass all day long at this time.

Striped bass

4.Selection of bass fishing tools

Bass fishing does not need a long rod. You can select the tune or medium and slow tuning. It can be more accurate to distinguish the difference between the bass bite and the obstacle that the fake bait encounters because the bass generally does not live in deep water. For near-shore activities, it is more convenient to operate with short poles.

5.Selection and method of bait for bass fishing

Because the perch is often on the bottom, which means it will be easy to hang on the bottom, using a lead hook with a soft bug jump is a good choice.


VIBE is also a suitable bait for Sea bass. It can be selected when the water temperature is low, and the activity of the fish is average. It is necessary to use the method of slow harvesting and light pumping, and the action should be close to the small fish in the water.


When using soft bait, the method of jumping to search the bottom is most suitable, and the upside-down fishing set is also very effective for bass. The rod can be slightly upward, and the fish can be penetrated slowly.

Striped bass

6.How to deal with perch not biting the bait

The perch is very vigilant and will hit the fake bait to test it. This will make the angler feel a kind of tremor. Remember not to be busy with the line. A slight feeling of pause, do not take up the line in these situations, and let the bait fall freely. At this time, the bass will bite up firmly. It is recommended that you do not use the treble hooks because if you release it again, the treble hooks will easily damage the fish’s mouth and release it. Unable to survive.

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