With the vigorous development of recreational fishing, more and more fishing enthusiasts are not satisfied with freshwater fishing, and have joined the ranks of sea fishing. Due to poor physical balance and other conditions, many fishermen experience seasickness during sea fishing. Even fishermen who have taken a boat out to sea for many times, because the fishing boat is sailing at sea, sometimes encounter wind, big waves and high waves, the hull fluctuates sharply up and down, and the amplitude of the left and right shaking is very large, causing the body to be unable to maintain stability. Seasickness. Once seasick and vomiting, there is indeed hardship. Based on my personal experience and experience, here are some tips for fishing at sea to prevent seasickness, for the reference of sea fishing enthusiasts.

Six small ways to go fishing is very effective in preventing seasickness

One is to take drugs to prevent. This is the most basic, most common, and most common anti-stun method used by people who suffer from motion sickness or seasickness.

The second is to maintain the correct posture. Your body should move with the boat, never against the boat. That is, the boat goes to the left and the people go to the left; the boat goes to the right and the people go to the right.

The third is to pay attention to sleep and diet. As long as you get enough sleep, a light diet, and feel comfortable, you can reduce the chance of seasickness.

Six small ways to go fishing is very effective in preventing seasickness

The fourth Press and rub Neiguan point to reduce the adverse effects and stop vomiting. Neiguan point is located in the middle of the forearm, 2 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist.

The fifth is to keep the air fresh. It is best to take less cabins and go to the bow of the deck more to keep the surrounding air fresh and reduce the occurrence of seasickness factors.

Sixth, choose the right fishing method. Sea fishing is generally divided into shore fishing, rock fishing and boat fishing. Try to avoid a single sea fishing method, and a combination of boat fishing and rock fishing should be achieved.

The above is the author’s experience of seasickness in the practice of sea fishing. Everyone has different physical conditions, and the methods for preventing seasickness vary from person to person. The effect is different. It is only for reference for fishing friends who like sea fishing and are prone to seasickness.


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