It is not easy to go fishing once. If you can look at the boundless sea from the sea and enjoy the beautiful scenery while fishing, it will be a wonderful enjoyment. But from my experience, there are some sea fishing novices who always make mistakes in even the most basic throwing rods, not to mention that there are too many gains in sea fishing. Now I will help you to cast your rods in sea fishing. Have a correct understanding.

The correct throwing technique for sea fishing

1. Throwing pole position

usually you can throw the rod to send the hook to the target point, but because the sea fishing uses the power of the whole body, the posture of the throwing rod is relatively large. . We must first straighten the body, and then coordinate the strength of the arms and wrists to send the bait to the fishing spot. If the body is not straightened, the bait may not be thrown into the den and the sea fish will not gather together. It won’t be very good.

Everyone’s physical condition is different, so everyone’s strength is very different, which creates different throwing strengths. Some fishermen use a lot of force, and there will be stagnation when throwing the sea rod. The fishermen who are experienced in sea fishing are very elegant, and every time they throw their rods, they are like a picture. Don’t worry, because this strength can be exercised. After many practices, you can slowly correct your mistakes. At the same time, you must also learn to take care of the entire fishing group. The same is true for anglers who are anxious to throw their rods. Everyone should take into account the factors of lead sinking activities. If the fishing line reserved on the top of the sea rod is relatively long or the wind blows up when the rod is cast, this will increase the difficulty of casting the rod. Anglers should consider these factors.

The correct throwing technique for sea fishing

If you want to understand the key points of fishing in the sea in the shortest time, it is recommended that novices learn the following methods. This method is called “split shot” in most people’s mouths. When casting the rod, your body is facing the fishing point, your feet are shoulder-width apart, and you stand firm. You need to hold the handle of the fishing rod tightly with your hands and hold it directly above your head, with your hands, eyes, and body facing the sea rod. The target then adopts a chopping motion, the fishing rod goes from top to bottom, and when the angle between the fishing rod and the water surface is forty-five degrees, the line begins to be laid. Don’t hesitate in the process of performing the whole action. If there is a pause, start again.

The correct throwing technique for sea fishing

Second, throwing skills

In addition to mastering the more easy-to-learn postures above, you can also master the following tips, which can also help fishing friends to harvest a lot of marine fish. It is best to leave a relatively large space for the pitching distance, so that if there is a mistake, it can be re-adjusted. When the bait and hook fly to the top of the den, the fisherman can lightly press the finger that was moved from the pressure line on the fishing line of the fishing reel again. Pay attention to the technique and proceed slowly from light to heavy. Do not directly brake to death, otherwise it will spread the bait and even hurt your fingers. Throwing far and pressing the line can control the line release, let the hook bait fall under your own control, and you need to practice this skill when fishing!

The fish species in the sea are extremely rich, and the strength is not small. You need to choose a longer and harder pole. Of course, you need to match the sea fishing rig to reduce the phenomenon of getting out of the hook. Fishing friends can also match according to their own fishing habits, and the fishing group that is easy to handle has a higher rate of catching fish than those that are not easy to handle.

As long as you master these basic throwing knowledge, you can gain more in the future sea fishing. In general, to throw the pole with both hands, the body needs to be coordinated, and the legs can be adjusted slightly with the body. There must be a certain space between the rod and the fishing set, and the lead sinker must be kept still. In addition, it must be properly matched as a fishing line set.

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