Sea fishing has a history of hundreds of years in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and golf, equestrianism and tennis are included in one of the four aristocratic sports. However, the natural environment of the ocean and freshwater is quite different. Fishing at sea and wild fishing in freshwater are completely different from black pits. Past experience is often useless. If you don’t have a certain understanding of the sea, even an old angler will catch it. It is also very likely that they are not as good as newcomers. Let’s explain some common skills about sea fishing.

Three essentials for getting started in sea fishing

1. Observe the tide

The tide is a very important part that affects the catch, and it is also the biggest difference between sea fishing and freshwater fishing. Since there is no influence of tides in freshwater fishing, many old anglers tend to ignore the effect of tides when fishing. However, in the ocean, the role of tides is very huge, and most offshore fish activities are based on the laws of tidal activities. Therefore, we must fully understand the classification and time of tides.

2.find the fish way

The so-called fish path is the track on which the fish swim. When we look for a fishway, it is equivalent to choosing a fishing spot in freshwater fishing, and we need to avoid areas where fish cannot go. Because the sea is relatively deep, it is not easy to find the trajectory of fish swimming. The most common method is to follow the seabirds. Because of the natural selection of species, seabirds want to eat fish, so naturally they must first find the underwater fish. Schools of fish, so places with seabirds are often fish passages.

Three essentials for getting started in sea fishing

Therefore, when choosing a fishing spot in sea fishing, the first thing to do is to look for seabirds and find that seabirds gather somewhere and fly up and down. Then there should be quite a few schools of fish under that piece of water that can be hooked. Another method is to choose a fishing spot according to the habits of the target fish, because each target fish has its own unique survival habits. For example, Topaz likes to be active in the reef area, so we can find the reef first. Although this method does not save time with seabird activities, it is not bad in terms of effect.

Three essentials for getting started in sea fishing

3.identify the wind direction

Another important skill for sea fishing is to learn to observe the sea breeze and find the right time to go out to sea. The weather without wind is not a good time to fish. As the saying goes, there are no waves when there is no wind. Waves are tides, and no fish move without tides. Naturally, there is no good harvest. The wind blows the water surface and brings more oxygen to the sea. The increase in the amount of dissolved oxygen increases the activity of fish and increases the probability of fish.

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