Squids like to sneak behind small fishes and shrimps and then use two stretchable tentacles to grab their prey! That’s why squid hooks are designed under the wooden shrimp. Add a small special buckle and hang the wooden shrimp at the end, so the effect is better!

The lead-shaped design on the front of the wooden shrimp is usually like a radian on the front of the knife, which is convenient for cutting the water layer and sliding through when encountering obstacles. The method of using prawns is different from the general lure method. Most prawns use jumping fishing techniques.


It is important to choose the location of squid fishing

Generally, it would help if you chose a place where there are some obstacles underwater for fishing. After all, squid is not only loved by humans, but also by big fish! Therefore, cephalopods will choose to move in areas with obstacles to avoid natural enemies.

The underwater terrain is a mixture of reef sand and small rocks, which are the most suitable terrain for this fishing method. It is difficult to objectively judge whether the depth of the water is deep or shallow. Generally, the water depth is 2-6 meters in the port area or reef area. When the watercolor is turbid, it means that the watercolor contains too much silt. When it seems that the visibility in the water is quite unsatisfactory, the squid will usually stay away from the area. When the water is clear, squid fishing is the most relaxing and pleasant.


One important point is: to give them time and distance to eat the bait shrimp, that is, to give them the time and distance to sink the bait shrimp because cephalopods hunt when the bait shrimp sinks.

Note: Squid-eating shrimp bait is all done when the bait shrimp dives!


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