carp hooks, the hook strip is moderate in thickness, the hook door is narrow, and the handle is longer than the catfish hooks. It is suitable for hanging earthworms, sea silkworms and other bait fishing

carp hooks

 Features of carp hook

carp fishing in the wild river has the best effect. The hook is light and sharp, and it is best to hang earthworms alone. Compared with other hooks, it is more suitable for fish with small mouths. Therefore, it is more suitable for smaller fish with the same hook type. The hook is thick, the hook handle is long, the hook is long, the hook bottom is short, the hook door is narrow, the hook tip is retracted, and the hook tip orientation is basically in line with the fishing line.

Carp hook
Advantages of carp hook

The hook door is narrow and the hook strip is thick. When hooks are used, a slightly larger number of hooks can be selected appropriately to achieve the effect of both large and small. The fish hook is convenient to hang the insect bait, and it is convenient to pick up the fish after the hook is hooked. The angle formed by the hook handle, the hook bend and the hook bottom makes it difficult for the fish to swallow the hook after the fish sucks in the bait. The direction of the hook tip is in line with the fishing line, and the piercing action can be completed with a little effort. Suitable for fishing with a soft-toned pole.

Carp hook
Disadvantages of carp hook

Because the barb of the fish hook is small, it is easy to escape when hooked on the fish!


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