Features of carp hook

The hook handle is slightly shorter, and the hook strip is thicker. The hook tip is not only sharp and concave inward; it also has a moderate hook door; plus the hook body is hard and strong; it has a round hook bottom with evenly distributed stress points, which can not only catch Smaller fish such as Crucian carp, bream and yellow Catfish can also catch larger fish such as green, grass, carp, Silver carp, and bighead carp. Therefore, it is known as the “universal fish hook” by fishermen.

Carp hook introduction

The biggest feature of the carp hook is the wide bottom of the hook and the short handle of the hook. Different from other hooks, the tip of a carp hook is sharp and concave, which can often make it more difficult for the hooked fish to get off the hook. At the same time, because the hook body is hard, it can also prevent the fish from attacking and breaking the hook. There are many carp hooks, so different fish hooks can be used according to other fish species. There are currently No. 1 to No. 15 fish hooks on the market, and anglers can use suitable hooks according to their needs.

The difference between carp hooks and whiting hooks

The tip of a cod hook does not look as sharp as the tip of a carp hook and is approximately vertical. Therefore, its impact resistance and damage resistance are better than that of a carp hook, and it is also a preferred hook. But in freshwater fishing In use, it is not as common as carp hooks. Compared to the size, the hook shape of cod hooks is smaller than that of carp hooks. This is its biggest advantage. For example, it is mainly used for fishing crucian carp hooks. For the small crucian carp below 100g, it is much better than the carp hook in the choice of hooks. However, in practical applications, more skilled rod lifting skills are required.


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